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National News

Brumer & Brumer received national attention when NBC Nightly News covered the story of our client, a Haitian immigrant named Marie Jean Pierre, winning a massive eight-figure jury award in her federal religious discrimination lawsuit against Hilton Hotels Worldwide.

Correspondent Kerry Sanders visited our downtown Miami office to speak with both Pierre and managing partner Marc Brumer about the landmark decision.

South Florida News

The news of Brumer & Brumer receiving a staggering $21.5 million jury verdict for Marie Jean Pierre was also prominently featured on local news in South Florida. This short video clip shows the NBC affiliate, WTVJ, showcasing the landmark federal court decision.

WTVJ's Amanda Plasencia filed this report from Pierre's Bethel Baptiste Church in Northeast Miami-Dade County.

In The Community

Marc won a monumental victory for pastor Pastor Fritzner Jules of the First Born Baptist Church of North Miami Beach earlier this year and had the chance recently to spend time with some of his congregants.

Had the Plaintiff prevailed on his claims, all of the congregants, along with Pastor Jules, would have been forced to vacate the premises. We hope you enjoy this short video from Marc's interaction with the First Born Baptist Church.

Welcome Message

On behalf of everyone who works tirelessly for each of our clients, welcome to The Law Offices of Brumer & Brumer, one of the most storied and respected personal injury law firms, not only in Miami, but throughout all of South Florida.

We hope you'll take a quick moment to watch this short video to learn more about our personal injury law practice, the successes we've had, a few of the philanthropic endeavors to which we are committed, and the areas of personal injury law on which we focus.

Brumer & Brumer Wins $21.5 Million Jury Award For Client In Federal Court In Landmark Civil Rights Discrimination Case
The firm is pleased to announce an eight-figure jury verdict awarded to our client, Marie Jean Pierre, who was fired by the Hilton Hotels Worldwide after missing work so that she could attend church on Sundays with her family.
» Jury awards dishwasher $21 million after boss scheduled her to work Sundays (Nightly News With Lester Holt)
» Jury awards $21 million to hotel dishwasher after she was forced to work on Sundays (The Washington Post )
» Dishwasher awarded $21.5M for being forced to work on Sundays (New York Post )
» Brickell hotel ordered to pay former dishwasher $21.5 million for religious retaliation (Miami Herald )
Brumer & Brumer Wins $21M Award For Client In Landmark Civil Rights Discrimination Case
» Media Coverage

Brumer & Brumer provides aggressive, experienced representation to every client at our Miami Personal Injury Law Firm.

History Of The Firm

Michael Brumer founded this firm in the 1950s and for over the last fifty years, we have earned a reputation as one of the top law firms in town by providing the finest professional representation for people who have been injured as a result of the wrongful conduct of others. Our expertise has evolved over many years of experience representing victims from all walks of life and helping them through the overwhelming and complex issues they face in the aftermath of an injury. As a result, we maintain a well-deserved reputation as attorneys for victims in car accidents, medical malpractice, products liability, insurance claims, slip and fall accidents, construction, and other personal injury and wrongful death cases.

Core Values

Plainly put, our word means everything. No matter what the situation, we pledge to be honest. We'll tell you what we believe your case is worth. And we'll tell you the challenges that will need to be overcome to get you the compensation you rightfully deserve. You will always get the truth from us, even if it is not exactly what you want or expect to hear. There will never be any surprises. Our attorneys know what matters most is the results we achieve. We strive for world-class representation and we do things the right way. From gathering evidence and working with experts in the field to arriving at trial. Evidence of our excellence can be seen time and again in our verdicts and settlements, which include many multi-million-dollar victories.

Our Focus

Making a meaningful difference in the lives of our clients is something that can only be done through sheer commitment. That means more than simply doing a job right. It requires knowing a client well enough to care, well enough to zealously fight, and well enough to win his case. We firmly believe in representing to the best of our ability the personal needs of people in South Florida. No client is merely another case. Each brings unique life experiences to our office. Our lawyers fully understand the needs of their clients. We know the pain and frustration that results from accidents and we'll work with you to achieve fair compensation. We take pride in our uncompromising commitment to our clients and we're always available to advise you.

As a valued client of the Miami Personal Injury Law Offices Of Brumer & Brumer, you will never pay us a single penny if we don't recover a cash award for you.
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The Miami Jewish Legal Society Marks Seven-Year Anniversary Of President Marc Brumer (November, 2016)

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Brumer & Brumer has established itself over the last five decades as a top Miami Personal Injury Law Firm. Our office represents clients who have suffered injuries as a result of the negligence of others, specifically in car accidents, boating accidents, truck accidents, wrongful death cases, medical malpractice cases, and defective product cases. Marc Brumer and his team will always work to achieve the maximum compensation for you if you have been injured anywhere in Miami-Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County, or beyond. We are zealous advocates for our clients, as we strive to ensure that those who were at fault and caused your injuried will be held liable and made to pay for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, property damage, and any long-term costs for your rehabilitation.

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Car accidents are an all-too-common occurrence in South Florida, espcially on the crowded streets of Miami and Miami Beach during winter when scores of tourists flock to the region. Motorists, unfortunately, find themselves distracted quite often these days by the sights, by the pedestrians, and by their mobile devices. That leads to Miami Automobile Accidents with alarming frequency. Our Miami Personal Injury Law Firm has been a champion for Miami car accident victims for decades. We understand the importance of getting compensation for your injuries in a timely manner. If you have been hurt in an auto accident that was caused by a negligent driver, we encourage you to call Brumer & Brumer today. All consultations are complimentary and we will hold in strict confidence all of the information you share with us.