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Civil Rights / Discrimination

Last Updated: Friday, September 20, 2019

Miami Personal Injury Attorney For Airplane Accidents / Brumer & Brumer Brumer & Brumer treats every inquiry from a potential client regarding allegations of civil rights discrimination with the highest level of seriousness. No aspect of our work generates as great a sense of urgency for us to act with an uncompromising level of devotion, dedication, self-sacrifice, and compassion.

There is absolutely no room in our nation for any man or woman to be denied admission to a college or university, dismissed from their workplace, harassed, turned away for housing, or otherwise made to feel unable to pursue happiness because of their race, gender, sexual preference, socioeconomic class, religion, or physical or mental disability.

Marc Brumer undeniably has proven himself, time and again, a tireless advocate for the rights of all people in South Florida. Most recently, he made international headlines by winning a massive jury award in federal court of more than $21 million for a Haitian woman who was fired from her job at a Hilton-owned hotel after refusing to work on Sundays because of her faith.

There is only one attorney in Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach County to whom to turn if a similar situation has affected you. Brumer & Brumer has recovered more than $100 million in both verdicts and out‑of‑court settlements on their clients' behalf over the last six decades. It would be our profound honor to represent you if you believe an employer, government agency, criminal justice department, or institution of higher learning has violated your civil rights.

Brumer & Brumer is well‑versed in all aspects of discrimination law. Whether you have been victimized by the unconstitutional taking of your property; the use of excessive force by a law enforcement officer; an unreasonable search of your motor vehicle, office, or home; failure to receive due process; or a violation of your First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and expression, we have the experience and resources to ensure justice is served.

Our firm's familiarity with civil rights law, as required by both Florida and federal statutes, allows us to swiftly navigate this often‑complex legal field, thereby ensuring your claim is brought to a swift and fair conclusion.

While the United States maintains the world's most sophisticated system of justice, it remains imperfect. That is why Marc Brumer and his team are your best asset. At our law firm, we want to ensure for every client who has suffered an act of discrimination that not only are their civil rights promptly restored, but also that they are financially compensated for damages (both actual and punitive).

It's a sad reality, but instances of civil rights discrimination occur countless times every day throughout South Florida. People are arrested for crimes they did not commit. Minorities are turned away for apartments and for jobs for no other reason than the color of their skin or for their religious beliefs.

It also is the case quite often that well‑intentioned detectives and witnesses simply may make mistakes and wrongful convictions are the result. In these situations, Marc Brumer is able to assemble teams of forensic scientists to bring the truth to light. When a crime has been committed, especially one in which there is media coverage, tensions run high and there can be a rush on the part of District and State Attorneys to make an arrest.

Innocent people are routinely detained all throughout the country ‑‑ sometimes because of an instance of misidentification by an eyewitness, coerced confessions or admissions, or bogus informants. No matter the events that may have led to a wrongful conviction, Brumer & Brumer possesses the experience needed to win an appeal.

In Florida, just like every other state in the Union, there are statutes of limitations for filing a discrimination claim, as well as innumerable other nuances that only a savvy civil rights attorney such as Marc Brumer will be aware. We encourage all victims of civil rights abuses to choose their attorney cautiously.

A leader like Marc Brumer has championed the rights of scores of previous clients with highly favorable results that have garnered the attention of both the national and worldwide media.

We invite you to either call Marc today or complete the short in-take form located on every page of this website. All initial consultations are completely confidential and free.