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What Is My Case Worth?

Last Updated: Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Miami Personal Injury Attorneys / Brumer & Brumer Assigning a dollar value to a personal injury case is something no attorney should ever do before coming to fully understand a myriad of factors and fact patterns relative to the accident that affected you. It would be downright unethical for a lawyer to guarantee you will receive a certain amount of money, either in court, or during a pre-trial settlement of your personal injury case.

At the Miami personal injury law firm of Brumer & Brumer, we have been representing accident victims throughout South Florida for more than a half-century, and we don't make empty promises or unattainable predictions when it comes to our clients' cases.

Whether you have been injured in a car accident, a slip-and-fall, because of medical malpractice, or as a result of any other mishap or reckless act, our lawyers will work tirelessly to achieve the maximum amount of money from the party that caused the accident in which you were hurt.

A list of factors that play a key role in determining what your case is potentially worth appears below. Of course, if you have been injured in an accident, we encourage you to call the Law Offices of Brumer & Brumer without delay, as time may be of the essence, depending on the type of accident that occurred and the extent of the damage and injuries.

Who Was The At-Fault Party?

As you might imagine, this is a vital component to determining how much money our Miami personal injury lawyers will be able to recover for you. There are different degrees of fault, as the party against whom you would like to bring an action may have been entirely to blame, partially to blame, or only slightly to blame.

Perhaps a judge will assign a percentage of the blame for your accident to multiple parties.

The Extent Of Damage And Injuries

To help determine how money we will seek on your behalf, Brumer & Brumer encourages its clients to keep copies of all medical bills, as we will attempt to recover the full amount of every visit to a doctor and emergency room.

In some instances, our clients will require long-term care and future medical cost must be considered.

How The Injuries Are Affecting You

If your injuries are significantly affecting your ability to perform everyday tasks such as eating, drinking, walking, playing sports, lifting your children or pushing them on a swing at the park, and driving an automobile, then we will pursue, are likely to recover a much higher award.

We encourage our personal injury clients to keep a journal or diary that chronicles all of the ways their accidents has impacted, changed, and negatively affected their life, as this will be critical to prove to a jury the exact extent of your injury.

Was The Negligent Party Insured

A sad fact of life is that someone may have caused you millions of dollars in hospital bills, pain and suffering, and lost income, but if they have very low limits on their insurance policy, no insurance at all, and no savings or assets, you simply may not recover much at all.

It's all well and good for a jury a to decree an award of $10 million, but that number means little if there isn't someone either capable or responsible for paying it.

Your Age

Even the most seasoned personal injury attorneys are still taken aback from time to time by the massive amounts of money awarded by juries. While there is no way to know for sure what a judge or jury is ever thinking, history has shown that juries tend to display feelings of sympathy toward both significantly older and significantly younger accident victims.

The most important factors are the plaintiff's life expectancy and how much money in potential future wages and earnings will be lost because of the accident.

What Is Your Income Level

This is similar to the preceding paragraph in some ways. When deciding how much money to award an accident victim, juries will consider if you've been forced to switch jobs because of the accident as well as how much time it would otherwise require to make up for the lost wages incurred because of your accident.