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Notable Awards

Last Updated: Thursday, June 11, 2020

Miami Personal Injury Attorney Notable Awards / Brumer & Brumer Below is a sampling of some representative verdicts and settlements the attorneys at Brumer & Brumer have won for their clients. Please check back often as we intend to update this page periodically in the future.

  • $20 MILLION - Catastrophic pediatric medical malpractice claim

  • $7 MILLION - Negligent security death case

  • $1.8 MILLION - Pedestrian hit by vehicle that sustained a fractured hip - resulting in horrible bed sores

  • $21.5 MILLION - Federal jury award for victim of religious discrimination at world-famous Conrad Hotel in Brickell

  • $14.2 MILLION - Defective tire on passenger van involving multiple injuries and deaths

  • $13.92 MILLION - Settlement / One death and multiple injuries, including three catastrophic injuries, from a tire blowout on a bus-like vehicle which was sold tires that were inadequate for the vehicle

  • $11 MILLION - Claim against hotel/bar for sending its employee/bartender home drunk when there were internal corporate rules to call a taxi wherein employee crashed his vehicle one block from hotel/bar causing a catastrophic quadriplegic brain injury leaving him 100 percent disabled

  • $5.7 MILLION - Motorcycle police officer struck by automobile causing severe traumatic brain injury

  • $5.0 MILLION - Insurance claim for Gold and Metal Refiner for loss of Gold Shipment in transit

  • $5.0 MILLION - Pedestrian struck by automobile causing traumatic brain injury to unborn child

  • $4.0 MILLION - Negligent security claim against an apartment house for having inadequate security when our client sustained a gunshot wound to the abdomen as an innocent bystander during a criminal event on the property causing serious intestinal and physical damages

  • $3.1 MILLION - Construction site scaffold accident resulting in serious lower extremity fractures

  • $3.0 MILLION - 26-year-old gardener riding a mower rolled into a lake causing severe brain damage

  • $2.25 MILLION - 22-year-old male unrestrained driver involved in an intersectional collision sustaining a skull fracture and brain damage

  • $2.0 MILLION - Medical Malpractice of hospital causing death of pregnant mother for failure to properly monitor blood levels

  • $2.0 MILLION - 45-year-old woman seriously injured in an automobile accident (brain injury)

  • $2.0 MILLION - 17-year-old girl kidnapped and sexually assaulted at a local shopping center (negligent security)

  • $1.7 MILLION - 30-year-old woman breaks her neck when diving into an unmarked 3 foot pool at a Las Vegas Resort

  • $1.6 MILLION - Automobile accident causing aggravation of normal pressure hydrocephalus

  • $1.3 MILLION - Father recovers for the loss of his daughter in an automobile accident

  • $1.25 MILLION - Wrongful death case (mother and child) arising out of a roll over automobile accident against a major automobile manufacturer for negligent and/or defective design of a sports utility vehicle (SUV)

  • $1.2 MILLION - Man leg crushed by forklift when picking up carpet at a local warehouse

  • $1.2 MILLION - Wrongful death case arising out of an automobile roll over tire separation accident

  • $1.0 MILLION - Drowning of infant at apartment pool for having a defective pool gate and/or entrance to pool

  • $1.0 MILLION - Mother and child killed by drunk driver who left local bar that knew he was a habitual alcoholic (claim against bar under Dram Shop laws)

  • $1.0 MILLION - 34-year-old man crushed to death by a defective closing vehicle gate at his condominium

  • $900,000.00 - Woman contracted necrotizing fasciitis (flesh eating bacteria) as a result of a manicure

  • $847,000.00 - Woman sustained a finger infection at The Breakers Hotel as a result of a manicure

  • $750,000.00 - 40-year-old man in automobile accident sustaining severe back injury (operated)

  • $725,000.00 - 45-year-old man electrocuted by exposed wiring and fell on iron spiked fence below

  • $700,000.00 - Man leg crushed at a flower warehouse by a forklift without strobe light or beepers

  • $500,000.00 - Woman sustained a finger infection that turned into osteomyelitis causing the mid amputation of her middle finger as a result of a manicure

  • $500,000.00 - Man fell off a defective ladder sustaining serious fractures to his right arm

  • $475,000.00 - 20-year-old warehouse worker fractured ankle when forklift rolled over onto him

  • $450,000.00 - Woman slip and fall at apartment house from construction debris requiring a total knee replacement

  • $400,000.00 - Woman sustained a finger infection from a manicure that resulted in amputation of her little finger mid shaft

  • $400,000.00 - Construction worker injured and condominium when the balcony broke and gave way causing him to fall and sustain serious leg injuries

  • $375,000.00 - 40-year-old man has his Achilles tendon torn by unprotected shower door at local spa

  • $375,000.00 - 20-year-old girl slip and fall at local bar nightclub sustaining serious ankle fracture